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From small merchants to the big ecommerce giants in the market, MantraPay supports and provides payment solutions to all businesses online. From one time payments to recurring payments and subscriptions, MantraPay have got you covered with latest technology in mobile payments and integration tools.

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All Payment Modes

MantraPay gives you a non-exhaustive lists of payment modes like credit/debit card processing, EMI options, Netbanking from top banks and wallets.


Find seamless solutions for your ecommerce websites with our shopping cart integration tool that for easy payment process.

Fast & Easy Set up

Set up your merchant account with MantraPay in just few steps and get going with online payments. A smarter way to manage all payments.

Robust Security

MantraPay Security suite helps protects against cyber criminals and fraud with encryption features, frequent third party audits and PCI Compliance.

Switch to Smart Payments, Switch To MantraPay!

With simple pricing and easy set up, MantraPay can elevate your business online. Contact us to experience the best payment solution.

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Explore MantraPay business solutions

MantraPay aims to provide efficient, secure, and competitively priced payment solutions to suit any legally abiding online business, regardless of location, volume or the goods and services they offer. Our payment solutions extend across all industries starting from automotive sectors to small merchants with online payments. We offer a multi-currency platform with over 19 transaction and settlement currencies and all major card brands are supported.

Not just a payment gateway…

MantraPay can get you the right payment solutions for your business but it does not stop there. We give you access to our custom tailored applications to help you manage your business and employees. Control and monitor the flow of your resources including cash, employees, materials and more with our custom made applications. Some of the applications include MantraPass, MantraResidences, MantraColleges etc.

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